Thanksgiving Homework

The website by Eugene Weber’s The Western Tradition is on various historical subjects. This is meant to help you further your understanding of certain topics. Watch the episodes listed below on the website given. You will then choose 1 out of the 3 questions and answer them thoroughly in an essay format. Make sure to include historical facts given in the programs to back up your answer.

Chapter 32: Absolutism and the Social Contract

Chapter 33: The Enlightened Despots

Chapter 34: The Enlightenment


1. How Hobbes justify absolutism despite the differences presented by the social contract? Also how does absolutist state hold it’s own seeds of destruction (including mercantilism and Rococo ideals)?
2. Explain the difference between Hobbes and Locke, Natural Rights and Divine Rights, and philosophes and enlightened despots.
3. Explain why enlightened despots turned towards building a more efficient and rationale government (include why the state turned against the church). What difficulties did they face and why turn to the philosophes for help?



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Homework

  1. for some reason i’m not seeing the second or third links on this page. also the video is only about half an hour long. i’m going to go with it but i do have some reservations.

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