Section 5: Religious Wars

Assigned Reading (Text):
(these will be lecture base)


The reading below is a supplement designed to help you understand the 30 Years War – it is not required reading, but recommended to those who may need further clarification on the subject.

The Thirty Years War

Inner/ Outer Circle:

This will be a combined Inner/Outer Circle with Section 4: Age of Exploration. Both sections will have primary/secondary works with guiding questions on their related topics.

Intolerance is a primary theme during the Reformation era. How was it reflected in the primary sources? Pay particular attention to the Anabaptist episode and the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre. To what extent was the Edict of Nantes a progressive vehicle for tolerance?

Primary Documents

Bloody Mary

Edict of Nantes

Execution of Thomas Moore

St. Bartholomew’s Day

The Devil Laughed Hard

Assigned Podcast

 Witchtrials and Feuding Queens

The podcast is found on History Extra on Thursday 23rd July 2015. Listen to the “Feuding Queens” discussion and take note of the struggle of the Medici women and the difficulty for women to be in position of power (including Elizabeth).

Assigned Video