Christmas/Spring Break Homework

Read the assigned works over break. Then be prepared to answer the following questions in regards to the reading. You will not be turning in a formalized paper, however you must provide notes (with specific pg. numbers) that you have taken in answering the questions. Please organize them in a way I can discern what you have written.

We will be conducting both an inner and outer circle discussion based on the reading. It is extremely important that you be prepared for this by reading the assigned work as both the class discussion and chat room will be graded.

Inner Outer Circle click to join

“Peasant Tell Tales: The Meaning of Mother Goose” by Prof. Robert Darnton

Little Red Cap Grimm

Little Red Riding Hood –  Perrault

The Story of Grandmother by Unknown

PC Red Riding Hood

1. Is the use of a psychoanalytical approach valid when approaching social history?

2. Explain the difficulties in viewing folktales as an interpretation of social history.

3. What can we as historians gleam from folktales about the past?

4. Do folktales vary from region to region and what can we loosely interpret from that?

5. How do tales told by peasants tell us how they viewed the world and coped with it?

6. Were folktales used to upend the social order?

7. Using the tales provided of “Little Red Riding Hood” explain how these reflect the various societal issues throughout their respective historical periods.

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