Section 23: Decolonization/ New Economy


Review Assignment

You will create a timeline and justify what you feel are the most important events in that timeline. This will be constructed on Power Point/Prezi.


The timeline will be from 1456-2006 and will have groupings (which you must date) in the following areas

  1. Renaissance
  2. Reformation
  3. Age of Exploration
  4. Absolutism/Constitutionalism
  5. Scientific Revolution
  6. Enlightenment
  7. French Revolutionary Period
  8. Age of Industrialism
  9. Romanticism/Nationalism
  10. Imperialism
  11. WWI/Age of Anxiety
  12. WWII
  13. Cold War
  14. 21st Century


Each group must be dated (some dates are disputable) from beginning to the ending. Each group must also have 2 events that you feel are the most important that took place during that grouping. Note: Many groupings overlap each other, that is the point of creating a timeline so that you can understand that things do not exist in a vacuum.