Section 15: Ism’s (1)

Assigned Reading:

Lucy – Wordsworth

The Chimney Sweeper – Blake

The Chimney Sweeper II

Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner

Rhyme of Ancient Mariner Creative Sketch

Assigned Video:

Reform Acts

Chartist movement

Inner/Outer Circle

Prompt: Evaluate whether or not the struggle for the equality of women improved in Europe from 1700s to 1890s.

Inner Outer Circle Section A

Inner Outer Circle Section B

Inner Outer Women rights

Landon’s group doc

Ashley T Group

Jessica Group Documents

Paige’s Group documents

Uche Group Doc

Sahara’s Group Doc

Conner Group Doc

Hugh Group Doc

Burn’s Group Doc


Frankenstein Paper: Below are both the instructions and link to the podcast and article you will need to complete the assignment. For the podcast you will only need to listen to the Victorian Cadaver Trade and not the second one (although you can as it is interesting).

Instructions:  frakenstein part 3

Article: Luigi Galvani and “Electric” Romanticism


Click Link Below for the History Extra Podcast: The Victorian Cadaver Trade