Section 6: Republic/ Absolutism / Constitutionalism

Assigned Reading Text:

pg 151-158: religious tolerance, weights and measures, William III of Orange, stadholder

pg 173-193: Richelieu, classicism, parlements, fronde, Mazarin, Bousset, Colbert, 5 Great Farms, Edict of Nantes, Turks, Hungarians, League of Augsburg, Edict of Nantes, Charles II of Spain, Grand Alliance, Peace of Utrecht, Whigs

Assigned Primary Documents

Revocation on Nantes

Louis de Rouvroy, Duke of Saint-Simon Memoirs

English Folk Verse

A Panegyric

Assigned Videos


Cromwell in Ireland. RTE Television Documentary. 2008







Extra Videos

Last Days of Guy Fawkes