Section 3: Reformation

Assigned Text Reading:

pg 80-88: “faith alone”, indulgences, Council of Constance, Huss, 7 sacraments, Peace of Augsburg, predestination, politics and religion, Calvinism across Europe

pg 93-98: centralization of power of papacy, 7 sacraments, transubstantiation, celibacy, Latin, monasticism, pluralism, seminaries, indulgences, Jesuits, reforming Popes, missionaries

Further Study: How do the works of St. Augustine comply with Lutheranism and Calvinism?

Indulgences Today – NY Times article looks at the Roman Catholic Church practice of indulgences today.

Assigned Primary Sources:

95 Theses : In your group break up Luther’s Theses into thematic chapters and label them in a PPT presentation. Be ready to defend your reasoning.

Assigned Videos


Primary Sources

Ignatius of Loyola advice to Trent

Luther on Jews

Tetzel on Indulgences


Extra Videos