Reformation Ch 2 sec 9-10


1. Inner/Outer Circle: Read / analyze the following Primary Documents on the history of Jews. Prepare responses to the questions given below and develop your own questions and insight into the assigned primary documents. Remember those in the inner circle may bring the documents and any handwritten notes; but NO electronic devices may be used in the inner circle. 

Question worksheet: Primary Document Questionaire

Doc. 1:

The form and size of the “Jew Hat” Holy Sepulchre Chapel, Winchester, England, 13th century

Doc 2:

Glass window in St. John’s Church of Werben, Elbe River, Germany, circa 1450.

Doc 3:

The Crescent-shaped “Jew Street” in Frankfurt, Germany, established in 1462.  It was situated outside the city walls and had only two gates.

Doc 4, 6,8,10, 12-13 click below

Primary Documents Unit 14

Doc. 5

Two of a series of six panels depicting the Desecration of the Host: a) A terrified Jewish family watches as blood flows from the Host they attempted to burn, while soldiers break down the door. b) The Jewish family is burned at the stake.  Panels by Polo Uccello, Italy, 1465

Doc 7

A Jewish couple from Worms, Germany Worms, Germany, sixteenth century

Doc 9

Expulsion of the Jews from Frankfurt on August 23, 1614.  According to the text, “1380 persons old and young were counted at the exit of the gate.”  Contemporary etching by Georg Keller

Doc 11

Map of the Pale of Settlement

11_06 Pale of Settlement.jpg

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